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Paul Craddock Consultancy Ltd.

Geopathic & Electromagnetic Stress Consultancy

Paul Craddock Consultancy  Ltd. Suite 3, 89 Commercial Rd. Bournemouth, BH2 BRR , England, UK.     Email: mail@healthyandwise.co.uk      Tel: 01202 462762          

Tel: 01202 462762

For over 20 years Paul Craddock has been working as a Geopathic Stress consultant using scientific instruments to measure detrimental electrical radiation from electrical cables and appliances etc, checking for radon gas and advising people on safe distances. Paul also uses the ancient art of dowsing to check for Geopathic stress in clients’ houses. Paul Craddock is well known in the UK as a award wining dowser and his dowsing courses run with Bournemouth Adult Education Service and privately have appeared on television and in the press. Paul has published a book on Geopathic Stress & Electro-polution

About Your Consultant

Paul has been entered on the professional register of the British Society of Dowsers for dowsing for site energies which includes dowsing for the healing of sick buildings and geopathic stress. Paul is also a registered tutor with the British Society of Dowsers teaching the following courses foundation course in dowsing: Understanding Geopathic Stress, Understanding Geo-psychic Stress and Earth Energies and Spirit of Place. Paul has also been on a course on the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation.  

In 2007 Paul was awarded the Pogson Cup by the British Society of Dowsers for leading the team which discovered the fallen megaliths at Knowlton Church. This event was covered in the British Archeological Society’s magazine and in the newspapers and on television.


"The service provided was very professional and Mr. Craddock identified underground streams which corresponded with our knowledge of the ground." D. Weeks

"Very satisfied with advice given." C. Moore

"Paul pinpointed a stream running through our house which made sense of our child's sleepless nights." D. Leg

"Paul was very thorough and explained a lot about what he found. His approach work and material was very professional." J. Bucham.