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Tel: 01202 462762

Geopathic stress

If you wake up feeling tired and have disturbed sleep try sleeping in a different location.

If the atmosphere inside the house feels gloomy or depressive and/or there is evidence of damp, spend as little of your time as possible in this area.

Look out for areas that have ants, insects, plant and tree disease, bacteria or mould and avoid them.

If you sleep better when you are on holiday or away from home this may be an indication that you are suffering from geopathic stress. We recommend that you try moving your bed at home to different area.

Electromagnetic radiation

Sleep at least 4 feet away from electrical appliances and do not use electric blankets.

Use your mobile phone hands-free.

Inside your house use corded phones rather than cordless phones.

Switch wireless devices such as broadband Wi-Fi off overnight.

Do not accept the installation of a smart meter.

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