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Tel: 01202 462762

Comprehensive Geopathic, Radon Gas  and Electromagnetic Stress Survey      

Geopathic Stress is Greek for disease of the earth. However, in modern times it covers much more including:  

The ancient art of dowsing is used to locate underground streams and different types of the aforementioned energy lines such as Ley lines and global grid lines. Dowsing has been successfully used by governments, organisations, the army and businesses for locating underground water around the world for over 100 years. Over the last 70 years dowsing has also been used to locate the subtle energies associated with the various types of energy lines.

It is clear that a modern Geopathic Stress Survey should check for all of the above. To not do so means your health remains at risk. So whilst dowsing is used to locate features such as underground streams and energy lines, modern scientific instruments need to be used to detect man made harmful electromagnetic radiation and radon gas. A survey will start by checking on where you spend the most time, such as your bed, before moving on to check the rest of your property.

A question often asked is what can be done about any Geopathic stress that is found? Well don’t worry I won’t leave you with discovered problems and no solutions! If I can’t fix the detrimental area at the time of your survey, I will advise you on the best course of action to take to deal with any detrimental areas. When considering the best course of action to take to remedy Geopathic Stress it is important to consider what particular feature has caused the area to become detrimental to your health. Once the survey has identified what specifically has caused the area to become detrimental then the best possible solution can be recommended. So you will see that if one claims to be suffering from geopathic stress, the detrimental effects could be coming from a number of different sources.   

Using muscle testing kinesiology techniques with you I can demonstrate the effects of any detrimental areas on your body and then check again to see if the area has improved or I can demonstrate physically to you that the area is safe.


My first priority would be to locate a safe area for you, in many cases this may mean simply moving your bed or chair a few feet for example. In my 20 years of experience this rarely means moving house! If it is not possible to move you to a safe area because you have fitted furniture for example, depending on what is causing the problem, it may be possible to employ a method to make that area safe. A typical survey on a 3 bedroom property takes up to 2 hours. I will locate any areas which are detrimental your health or the health of your family and advise you of any safe areas you could use instead. Where possible, I will effect a remedy before leaving, if this is not possible, I will advise you of the best course of action to take to effect a solution. You can contact me after the survey for further advice at any time free of charge. I have over 20 years of experience as a Geopathic Stress consultant and I am registered on the British Society of Dowsers Professional register. I am also a British Society of Dowsers registered tutor and run approved British Society of Dowsers approved courses on dowsing, geopathic stress and associated subjects.


Areas covered:

England UK: southern, southwest up to Cornwall and southeast up to and including London.  

Phone 01202 462762 or email for further advice or to book a survey

Remote Dowsing Survey and Correction

Remote dowsing on your property should be only considered when an onsite visit is not possible. It can also be used as a preliminary survey. A remote survey cannot be as comprehensive as an onsite survey. To rely solely on this method, in my view, means your health may still remain at risk as much more can be covered with an onsite visit to your property where a full check combining dowsing and scientific instruments can be used. However, for various reasons perhaps due to cost and distance, I appreciate it may not be possible to arrange a site visit. Therefore, the second best option would be a distance dowsing survey using a method similar to that used in the past by international government intelligence agencies such as the CIA using remote viewing techniques such as those documented in a book by Joseph McMoneagle who worked for various US government agencies including the Army. His book is called: “Mind Trek”. Joseph McMoneagle was involved in operation Stargate as was Dale Grafe MS. Physics who was its director. Dale Grafe also wrote a book called: “Tracks in the Wilderness”.

For your remote survey I will need a photograph of your house/property and a diagram of the property which does not have to be to scale so can be hand drawn.

Electrometric Stress on Site Survey only

Feng Shui Survey

This is added to the Comprehensive on site Geopathic, Radon Gas and Electrometric Stress Survey or Electrometric Stress only survey.

The Feng Shui service that we offer is firstly to check the exterior of your building for negative environmental features that may be affecting your home and offer advice on correcting them. We then look at the interior layout of your home and advise on changes that can be made to improve your career, family life, health, wealth and happiness. We use Feng Shui to help provide effective solutions for many living situations, minimising ill fortune and maximising comfort. We can also advise on:



Can you answer  yes to any of the following?                      

If you have answered yes to any of the above please read on, we may be able to help you!

The ancient art of Feng Shui, (pronounced as Fung Shway), translated as wind and water is an holistic way of designing your living and working environments. Feng Shui encompasses many disciplines in the pursuit of achieving balance with nature. The main purpose of Feng Shui is to encourage the flow of life's natural positive energy (chi) and to avoid or discourage negative energies (sha).


This can be achieved by the careful placement of a number of natural cures. These cures can be placed or positioned both on the exterior and in the interior of the building. With the correct placement of these cures many areas of your life can be enhanced and again balance restored. The style of Feng Shui that we practice is mainly intuitive. We also have knowledge of the compass school. We pay particular attention to the environmental factors which may help or hinder the flow of chi into the building or business.  

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Our Service

We offer the following surveys

Comprehensive on site Geopathic, Radon Gas and Electromagnetic Stress Survey: From £195.00

Survey costs depend on how far I have to travel from my home town of Poole to the venue and the size of the property. The cost of a Geopathic and Electromagnetic Survey for up to a 4 bedroom property is £195.00 plus travel expenses. I will advise of the actual total cost before we arrange for a survey to take place.   

Electrometric Stress on site survey only: From £175.00

Survey costs depend on how far I have to travel from my home town of Poole to the venue and the size of the property. The cost of an Electromagnetic survey for up to a 4 bedroom property is £165.00 plus travel expenses. I will advise of the actual total cost before we arrange for a survey to take place.   

Basic Feng Shui survey added to any of the above for an additional £100.00.

Remote Dowsing Survey and Correction: From £75.00

Areas covered:


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