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As most of the energies involved are not yet detectable by scientific instruments, we use the ancient art of dowsing to locate the detrimental area such as the underground water stream or energy line. Most people know dowsing as a means of finding water with a twig but it is used for much more. Many doctors in Germany, Austria and France use dowsers in their health care programs. Indeed, many of them undertake it personally. Several of the authoritative figures from the history of dowsing were in fact medical dowsers, for example, Dr. Curry, who discovered the existence of the dangerous network of earth lines named after him. Dowsing is also used by some alternative health practices in the UK. Government departments and public utilities both here and abroad sometimes discretely use dowsers. Dowsing was used by the US Marines to locate Viet Cong tunnels.

Professor Hans Dieter Betz (Professor of Physics, Munich University) headed a team of scientists that investigated the ability of dowsers to find underground drinkable supplies, taking them to 10 different countries and, on the advice of dowsers, sank some 2,000 wells with a very high success rate. In Sri Lanka, where the geological conditions are said to be difficult, some 691 wells were drilled, based on the advice of dowsers, with a 96% success rate. Geohydrologists given the same task took two months to evaluate a site where a dowser would compete his survey in minutes. The geohydrologists had a 21% success rate, as a result of which the German government have sponsored 100 dowsers to work in the arid zones of Southern India to find drinkable water.

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Survey Method

Handheld Scientific Meters are used to check for the following:

Radio frequencies & microwaves from mobile phones and their masts, DECT cordless phones, WiFi Internet connection and other WiFi and Smart Meters.

Electromagnet radiation from power frequencies from appliances in your home and the wiring systems comprising of the wiring in your home and the external supply consisting of overhead and underground wiring and their associated transformers.

Radon Gas which is a gas rising from the earth mostly over areas with granite rock underground. This gas can become accumulate in the voids under floors. Breathing in this gas can cause lung cancer.


Kinesiology is often practiced as an alterative therapy and it is useful in checking for geopathic and electromagnet stress based on the principal that anything that stresses the body also stresses the muscles. Thus in testing on a client on a particular location, a weakness on an outreached arm, for example, will indicate a location that is stressing the body. Conversely, a strong or normal resistance will indicate a neutral or good location in your home. The use of  Kinesiology is also helpful in checking if any attempted corrections to a detrimental area located in a survey have been successful.