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Geopathic Stress


Electromagnetic Radiation

Whilst the symptoms listed below may be attributed to various causes studies have shown that there could be links to geopathic and electromagnetic stress


Electro-sensitivity is a condition which can develop when people are exposed the Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or things like mobile phones, mobile phone masts, power lines, substations, computers, WiFi wireless networks, domestic wiring, DECT cordless phones and other household appliances.

Symptoms of electro-sensitivity

Electromagnetic fields are what can provoke electro-sensitivity. The most common symptoms are head/ear pain when using a mobile phone, redness and burning on the face or arms when using the computer or headaches and sleep disruption when living near a mobile phone mast, sleeplessness, lethargy, even miscarriages and depression living near power lines. Other symptoms include skin tingling, burning sensations, concentration memory problems, muscle and joint pains, cardiac palpitations, fatigue, irritability and erratic high blood pressure.

For further information and help on  Electro-sensitivity you can visit Electro-sensitivity UK an independant charity at